Property #2: 30,000 Square Foot Shovel Ready Pad

Shovel Ready Pad #2

$1.57 million

Location: San Bernardino County

Exclusive Listing by Pac Garden Assets
Broker DRE #02072441
Corporate DRE# 02174506

Build-to-Suit: Indoor or Greenhouse

Prime Investment Opportunity in San Bernardino County

Discover an exceptional investment opportunity with these shovel-ready lots, designed to provide immediate and scalable industrial solutions for cannabis businesses.

Shovel-Ready Lots

Each acre-plus lot features pre-approved building plans and 30,000-square-foot certified pads, allowing for immediate construction upon payment of permit fees. This turnkey approach minimizes delays and accelerates your project's timeline.

Strong Electrical Infrastructure

Both lots come with approved 2,500-amp connections, ensuring robust electrical supply. All underground infrastructure is completed, so you can focus on building and expanding your operations without worrying about power constraints.

Unlimited Potential

This industrial property package, with its exceptional features and prime location, represents a remarkable investment opportunity for cannabis businesses aiming for growth and success. Whether you want to establish a new operation, expand your existing business, or explore future development opportunities, this offering is tailored to meet your needs and propel your venture to new heights.

Embrace this chance to invest in a turnkey, scalable, and strategically located property, and watch your cannabis business thrive in San Bernardino County.

Investment Highlights

Why This Investment?

Strategic Location

Nestled in San Bernardino County, a major industrial hub, these lots offer a thriving business environment coupled with low cultivation taxes. This strategic positioning enhances your business's potential for success and growth.

Turnkey Development

With pre-approved plans, you can bypass the lengthy approval processes and start building immediately. This readiness is perfect for businesses looking to quickly establish or expand their operations.


The combination of large lots and strong electrical infrastructure supports diverse industrial and cultivation uses. These lots can accommodate up to 1,000 lights or more, providing ample space and power for significant operations.

Tax Advantages

Located within an Opportunity Zone, this investment offers substantial tax benefits, maximizing your returns and providing a financial edge.

Shovel Ready Pad #2
Shovel Ready Pad #2
Shovel Ready Pad #2
Shovel Ready Pad #2
Shovel Ready Pad #2

Exclusive Listing by Pac Garden Assets
Broker DRE #02072441
Corporate DRE# 02174506
(213) 722-9577


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