San Diego Greenhouse Business For Sale with Distribution

$3.99 million

Location: San Diego

Exclusive Listing by Pac Garden Assets
Broker DRE #02072441
Corporate DRE# 02174506

Pac Garden Assets is thrilled to introduce this premier cannabis cultivation and distribution facility that sets the gold standard in the industry. This modern, state-of-the-art complex, sprawling over 35,000 square feet and nestled on a generous 1.25-acre lot, has been meticulously designed for the high-efficiency production, processing, and distribution of mixed light cannabis.  Indoor quality flowers sun grown in an efficient, controlled environment!

Facility Overview:

Location: Situated in San Diego, this elite greenhouse leverages the optimal climate conditions of Southern California, ideal for cannabis cultivation.

Building Size: The expansive facility covers 35,000 square feet, offering ample space for all stages of cannabis production, from cultivation to wholesale distribution.

Lot Size: Nestled on approximately 1.25 acres, providing sufficient outdoor space for operations and future expansions.

Cultivation Spaces:

Flowering Greenhouses:
  • Total of 5 greenhouses, encompassing approximately 22,000 square feet.
  • Dedicated to the flowering stage of cannabis, optimizing yield and quality.
Vegetative Greenhouses:
  • One greenhouse measuring 4,400 square feet, specifically designed for a four-week vegetative cycle. 

Grow Media & Lighting:

Media: Soil based cultivation process includes:
  • Transitioning plants from the vegetative greenhouse to the clone room and back, promoting optimal in-house genetics and growth.
  • Weekly transfer of vegetative plants from 1-gallon to 5-gallon pots, utilizing a premium mix of coco and perlite for optimal root development and high-yielding plant structure.
Lights: A cutting-edge combination of LED and double-ended HPS lights throughout the flowering space ensures maximum growth efficiency and yield.

Utilities & Upgrades:

Power: The facility is equipped with 400 amps of three-phase power, supplemented by diesel generators and a backup generator, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Water: Boasts a high-capacity well, delivering 20,000 gallons per day of ultra-purified water through Hyper RO and filtration systems, further enhanced with Moleaer nanobubble oxygenation for plant health.

Power Upgrade: An option for power upgrade is available upon request, with a quote readily provided for interested parties.

Processing & Distribution Capabilities:

On-Site Processing: The facility includes dedicated areas for drying, curing, and trimming, ensuring that all processing steps are managed efficiently on-site.

Licensed for Distribution: Fully licensed for the distribution of cannabis products, offering a streamlined path from cultivation to wholesale or retail markets.

Harvests: Achieving an impressive 26 harvests per year, with an average yield of 235 pounds per harvest. This totals more than 6,000 pounds annually, fetching an average price of $800-$1000 per unit.

Highlights & Unique Features:

Annual Production: With over 6,000 pounds of extremely high quality mixed light cannabis produced annually, this facility stands as a beacon of high-capacity, efficient cannabis production.

Advanced Technologies: From state-of-the-art lighting to premium water purification and oxygenation systems, every aspect of the facility is designed to promote the healthiest growth conditions.

Strategic Location: The San Diego location not only enjoys optimal growing conditions but also serves as a strategic hub for distribution within Southern California and beyond.

In seizing this unparalleled opportunity, you're not just acquiring a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation and distribution facility; you're stepping into a turnkey operation poised for unparalleled success in the growing Southern California market. With its prime location, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive suite of features designed for maximum efficiency and profitability, this facility represents a strategic investment in a future where your vision for cannabis excellence becomes a thriving reality. Don't let this chance to elevate your position in the cannabis industry pass you by. Make the decisive move to own a cornerstone of innovation and success in San Diego's cannabis scene. Together, let's cultivate not just cannabis, but a legacy of industry leadership and financial prosperity.

Flowering plants in the greenhouse
Aerial view of a Southern California greenhouse
Greenhouse interior roof
Aerial image of the cannabis greenhouse
Interior cannabis clone room
Benches with tubing for fertigation, wet wall in the background, fans and lights above
Interior view of cannabis greenhouse grow
Interior view of cannabis greenhouse grow
Interior central greenhouse corridor with exhaust fans
Cannabis dry room with whole plants drying on lines
Interior room for curing cannabis flower in tubes
Exterior view of Southern California grow-ready  greenhouse

Exclusive Listing by Pac Garden Assets
Broker DRE #02072441
Corporate DRE# 02174506
(213) 722-9577


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