Buyers Want Purple, Gassy, Candy

Here’s a simplified breakdown of what we’re seeing today in the CA wholesale market

  1. Indoor Flower Price: The wholesale price range for indoor-grown cannabis flower in California is typically between $1,100 to $1,300 per pound. Indoor cultivation offers greater control over environmental factors, resulting in higher quality and more consistent flower. The higher price reflects the increased production costs associated with indoor growing, such as higher energy expenses, specialized equipment, and increased labor requirements.

  2. Greenhouse Flower Price: On the other hand, wholesale prices for greenhouse-grown cannabis flower tend to be lower compared to indoor-grown flower. The average price for greenhouse flower in California is around $800 per pound. Greenhouse cultivation provides a balance between indoor and outdoor growing methods, offering some control over environmental conditions while utilizing natural sunlight. This method can be more cost-effective, resulting in a more competitive price point.

It's important to note that these prices are approximate and can fluctuate due to various factors such as supply and demand, market trends, product quality, and regulatory changes. Additionally, prices may vary depending on the specific region within California and the quality of the product being offered.

 Here are some key characteristics of strains that are currently sought after:

  • Purple Colored Strains - People still love the purps!
    Cannabis flower strains with vibrant purple hues are currently highly sought after. The purple coloration is attributed to specific pigments called anthocyanins, which develop in response to factors like temperature fluctuations during cultivation and pure genetic profiles. This visual “bag appeal” adds to the allure of these strains, making them desirable among wholesale and retail buyers.

  • Gassy Aroma - Hit the gas!
    Cannabis strains with a strong, gassy aroma are often favored by enthusiasts for their potency and effects. The scent can resemble notes of gasoline, diesel, or skunk. Strains with such aromas are typically associated with a rich terpene profile (terpinoline anyone?), which contributes to their unique scent and flavor.

  • Candy Flavored Strains
    Strains with sweet, candy-like flavors have gained popularity in recent years. These strains often feature terpenes that impart fruity, dessert-like, or confectionery aromas and tastes. Examples include strains with flavors reminiscent of berries, citrus fruits, or even specific candies like bubble gum or cotton candy.

It's important to note that consumer preferences may vary, and the popularity of specific strains can change over time. Furthermore, the aroma, flavor, and appearance of cannabis strains are influenced by their genetic makeup, cultivation techniques, and post-harvest processes.

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